Key Makeup Trends for Spring

Spring is here and although the weather seems to be rather temperamental of late, we are actually beginning to see a few sunny days every now and again. Despite the slight chilly wind confusing us as to whether to wear that scarf and coat or not when we leave the house, it is generally fresh and bright this month so let’s look at some Spring make up trends and highlight some products that work really Read more [...]
Porticia Halo

Garden Jewels for an Outdoor Wedding

The summer months are a popular time of year for weddings - especially garden weddings - with the summer sun opening up opportunities for brides and grooms to host their reception at beautiful venues with lush greenery. We all know the most challenging part of the wedding for the bride is finding the all-important wedding dress and looking the part for the big day. A beautiful dress, shoes, hair and Read more [...]
Pastel Green Circular Cross Body Bag

Top 5 Across Body & Mini Bags Trend

With summer fast approaching and the warmer weather just starting to creep back in, in our typical British style, we’re already embracing every little bit of the sunshine that we spot and our thoughts are slowly turning to lazy summer days, warm rays of sun on our skin and our summer wardrobe, of course! Not only does the sun affect what clothes we wear, it also determines the kind of accessories Read more [...]

It’s an a la Mod 60s Revival!

This spring fashion season finds us in the midst of a full on swinging 60s mod revival. Designers like Louis Vuitton, Prada, Michael Kors, Moschino and Marc Jacobs went way back into the past for inspiration for their collections this season and came up with designs of which Twiggy would be proud. 1960s inspired spring fashion from Louis Vuitton. Image from Vogue. Bold prints, flower power, bright Read more [...]
perfume being sprayed onto a wrist

Top 4 Princely Perfumes for the Knight in Shining Armour

OK, so it may not be decidedly cool for men to admit that they’ve watched a Disney movie and that they actually liked it, but as most of us will agree with, there are FAR worse things that our significant others could admit to! Also, some men could do with embracing their inner ‘Prince’ a little, and whilst we don’t all nesacerily want a Mr. Goody-Two-Shoes, a little niceness goes a Read more [...]

Your Skin: to Know it, is to Love it

So, you think you know what type of skin you have? Dermatologists find that women (and men!) tend to misdiagnose their own skin types, usually thinking acne only occurs with oily skin or that mature skin is always dry. The first step in caring for your skin is to have a really good idea what type you have. Your morning face can be an excellent predictor of your skin type. According to Fitness Read more [...]
AW13 Scarves

5 Autumnal Scarves with a Difference

As women, we love to accessorise whenever possible, but many of us find this an almost impossible task when it comes to our autumn wardrobe. This season usually brings warmer clothes and the longing to snuggle up under a duvet on the sofa... but we usually aren’t this lucky. We have to go out, to social events and to do the dreaded weekly supermarket runs, but why should we compromise on our style Read more [...]
Winter Warm Accessories

Dress Up for Chilly Weather with Gorgeous Accessories

I know, we're barely into autumn and are still experiencing summer weather, and nobody wants to think about cold weather wear just yet. The thing is, if we don't plan for the colder weather now, in less time than we'd like to acknowledge, we might be traipsing down the street all "tra la la, look what a lovely day it is", and BAM: we're smacked in the face with a sheet of freezing rain or snow. Or, Read more [...]
Printed gloves from Lanving for autumn.

Trendy AW13 Accessories from Fashion Weeks

The beginning of September is when children head back to school, the lifeguards head home from the shore and when there’s just the beginning of a certain crispness in the air. It’s also when we turn our attention to the autumn fashion season and get to look forward to wearing something other than a sundress and flip flops! September is also one of the biggest months in fashion with Mercedes Benz Read more [...]
Cat Eye Sunglasses

Adorning Your Sassy Cat-Eye Sunglasses: Funky, Easy DIY Embellishments

It’s easy enough to grab a pair of cheap sunglasses off the rack and head out into the sun. But, who wants a plain old pair that has absolutely no style, personality or pizzazz? They’re on your face for goodness sakes, so they need to make a statement and be versatile enough to go with lots of different outfits. You saw our roundup of the most fashionable sunglasses for summer, and now we're Read more [...]

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